Weekend Cruises

Are you feeling overworked? Maybe you work in a high stress environment, or perhaps you just need a break from a repetitive routine. Regardless of your situation, your desire to getaway for a vacation is not unique. Many of us deserve a relaxing trip, but we don’t have the vacation time saved up and we can’t afford to miss work. What you may not be aware of is that luxury entertainment companies have come up with a series of weekend cruises to answer this growing need. The next time you want a few days away from home, but you don’t have a huge travel budget, look online for cheap weekend cruises. A few of the features to look for are highlighted here.

What is Included in Cheap Weekend Cruises?

Just because you’re only sailing away for two days and you’re not paying thousands of dollars, the cheap weekend cruises don’t leave you to fend for yourself. All food, accommodations, and entertainment are included in your cruise package. You will enjoy a luxurious room on a boat full of all the modern amenities and guest services you would expect on a longer cruise. The price you see quoted should include your flight to the destination city, any connections, your room on the cruise, on-board shows and activities, meals, room service, and access to the sauna, gym, pool, spa, and any other facilities on the boat.

What About the Ship Itself?

The boats used for cheap weekend cruises tend to be smaller, simply because they are not cruising as far and are never too far from shore in case of emergency. That being said, they are outfitted with special hydraulic stabilizers to keep the ship from rocking too much should you encounter any rough water or stormy weather. You may still choose to wear a sea-sickness patch, but it is rare for passengers to get ill on these shorter trips.

What Else Can I Expect?

Cheap weekend cruises tend to be rather casual during the day, but you may still need to pack formal wear for evening events and dinners. Also be sure to check the schedule and have a plan for how to spend your day if the ship is stopping at any ports. Your cruise cost will cover on-board activities, but you are likely to be charged extra for a spot on day trips and excursions or tours.

A Few Final Cheap Weekend Cruises Tips

Cruise lines have to find a way to cut some corners to give you such great rates on the cheap weekend cruises, and while they don’t skimp on accommodations, they do save a bit by taking on less liability. The cruise company is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items on board, so purchase travel insurance ahead of time if you are traveling with any valuables.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you’re getting for your money when you book a cruise online. However, the larger cruise liners will let you board the ship to see the facilities for yourself before you book your ticket. This is a great option to take advantage of if you live near the port. If you can’t make it, send a friend or relative in the area who can get a firsthand look at the ship to get an idea of the overall quality.

Finally, cheap weekend cruises should never feel cheap. You should feel pampered and your weekend should be unforgettable. If you are not comfortable in your room, or you have complaints about any aspect of the cruise, voice them immediately. The staff will generally go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.