Bradenton Florida Hotels

Bradenton Hotels

Along the gulf coast of Florida, just south of the beaches of Clearwater, Gulfport and St Petersburg is a lovely stretch of land, just off the mainland in Manatee County.  Here you will find the white beaches of Anna Maria Island and historic Bradenton set off by blue waters, cuisine from near and far, and artists of every imagination, who make their home among the Bradenton hotels, resorts and condos dotting the sands.

Discovered in 1539 by Hernando De Soto, the Bradenton Beach hotels are a far cry from the first re-enforced home of Joseph Braden, whom the town is named after; and the local refuge during uprisings with the Native Americans who inhabited the area in those early days. Today, Bradenton is the county seat of Manatee County and one of the principle cities of the area, with a population in 2007 of over 50,000 people. An active tourism industry is well served by many fine Bradenton hotels.

Offering a host of attractions the area is an exciting place to visit–full of local artist, various shops, music and historical sites; the city as it is known today has been a favorite vacation spot since the mid 1900’s.  Where once a few carefully placed waterfront hotels could be seen, there are now beaches full of Bradenton hotels, resorts, condos, villas and a Bed and Breakfast or two for visitors of all ages; even campgrounds and RV parks for those who are just passing through.

To entice the travelers, the area’s historical society puts on some of the largest events around enhancing the Bradenton beach hotel trade and other local hot spots.  Included in these are water events of all types–even a homemade boating race!  Of course, there is beach fun, fishing and boating sports of every description.

If you are a golfer, many of the Bradenton hotels and resorts sport courses, creating a virtual paradise for those who have to get a game in before breakfast.  In this respect it does not matter if you are a resident or a visitor – golf is always on the menu.

Many of the top restaurants can be found in prime Bradenton Hotels.  In the Bradenton/Sarasota area indoor and outdoor dining choices of seafood and local recipes are the top favorites. There is a Seafood festival for those who enjoy a sea fairing variety, and a musical theater that offers dinner. One such dining room nestled between Bradenton beach hotels and shops invites you to leave a dollar tacked to the wall along with a piece of your heart awaiting your return trip.

One of the unique features in an area once a prime target for crime, was the formation of the Village of the Arts in the late 1990’s by the local artists guild just south of downtown.  Transformed into a large artists’ colony which has multiple unique businesses, it is responsible for many of the Bradenton beach hotel deals and/or packages for those who wish to visit one of the state’s unique artists community.

Numerous galleries, studios, and shops of all types in the area are known as the Village.  This enchanting local has book stores, restaurants, and the homes of the artists who live and work from the same premises. Live music is common throughout the neighborhood which is a short walk to many of the best Bradenton Hotels.

Other feature attractions accompanying Sarasota & Bradenton hotel packages range from spas to museums to some of the best shopping around.  Its aquarium is also home to many of the gulf sea creatures, as well as, one very famous manatee.