Visiting New York

New York is an absolutely fabulous city, everything there has a different dimension, everything seems to be moving at a different pace.You feel like somewhere in the future. You have to adapt quickly to the rhythm there. It’s a place where you can’t just sit and contemplate a building but you have to get into the town rhythm quickly. Everything is going fast, somehow fast forward.

Obviously at our first stop in New York we tried in the only full day available to take the pulse of the city, to feel the vibration of the street. We were staying somewhere ultra central in the Midtown area of ​​Manhattan (see impressions). Here is the center, the center. Here is Wall Street where the finances of the world revolve, here are located the iconic buildings of the city, here are the largest and most famous boulevards such as Madison Avenue, 5Th Avenue, Broadway with the famous theater shows, Times Square , museums, restaurants and most famous shops, but also the famous Central Park.

At least this central area through which we became our age is an extremely well thought out urban area. We are like a chessboard where all the streets are parallel or perpendicular to each other. Moreover they all have a number and it is extremely easy to orient yourself. When looking for a particular sightseeing destination, you only need to know which are the closest streets that intersect.

For this reason and because of my personal ambition, I wanted to go around here without a map or GPS. And my climax came out great. I just had to memorize the hotel, at the intersection of whose streets there is every tourist objective, which I want to see, and then I left the street.

Right next to the hotel we were staying in was the UN or UN headquarters as it is known. I found him immediately and recognized him after the extreme security measures at the entrance. It is located in Turtle Bay, on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, right by the river. The United Nations is the most important international organization in the world. Founded on October 24, 1945, after World War II and has 193 Member States today. The founding members signed the founding of the United Nations Charter. Through this document, the UN’s main mission is to ensure world peace, respect for human rights, international cooperation and also respect for international law.

Then we took it to 42nd Street to find one of NYC’s iconic buildings, the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building is a New York City skyscraper, built in the Art Deco fashion, which is located on the east side of Manhattan, at the intersection of two known streets, 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue.

Considered emblematic for the Art Deco movement, and especially for the Art Deco architecture, the building was designed and built by the American architect William Van Alen. Today, almost eight decades after its inauguration, the Chrysler Building is considered one of the most valuable and outstanding tall buildings in New York City and around the world.

At its 319 meters high, including the final decorative structure and antenna, the Chrysler Building was for a short time the tallest building in the world. At the completion of the Empire State Building, in 1931, it came in second. After destroying the World Trade Center twin buildings in 2001, the Chrysler Building has regained its second highest building in New York, again, as in the past, after the Empire State Building. I admired it a little outside, took some pictures and then went to the next objective in the program, the Grand Central Station.

Grand Grand is a railway transfer terminal, located at the intersection of 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Grand Central is the southern terminus of the Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines on the Metro-North Railroad, which serves the northern parts of the New York metropolitan area. It also has a subway connection from New York to Grand Central – 42nd Street. The terminal is the third busiest train station in North America, after Penn New York station and Toronto Union station.

The distinctive architecture and interior design of the Grand Central Terminal have brought him some landmark names, including as a national historical landmark. His Beaux-Arts design incorporates numerous works of art. Grand Central Terminal is one of the ten most visited tourist attractions in the world, the 7th place with 21.9 million visitors in 2013, without taking into account the passengers by train or subway. The main place of the terminal is often used as a meeting place and is presented mainly in movies or on television. Grand Central Terminal contains a variety of grocery stores and vendors, including a food market, in its lower area.

Grand Central Terminal was built by the New York Central Railroad; he also served the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railways and, later, successors to Central New York. Opened in 1913, the terminal was built on the site of two similarly named predecessor stations, the first of which dates from 1871. The Grand Central Terminal served long-distance trains until 1991, when Amtrak began running its trains through nearby Penn Station. . The East Side access project, which will bring Long Island Rail Road service to a new sub-terminal station, is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Grand Central Station covers 48 acres and has 44 platforms, more than any other railway station in the world. Its platforms, all underground, serve 30 pieces at the upper level and 26 at the lower level. Totaly, there are 67 tracks, including a railway yard and edges; of these, 43 runways are used for passenger services, while the other two dozen are used for train storage. Another eight runways and four platforms are being built on two new levels deep below the existing station as part of East Side Access. Long live Wikipedia ! 😉

Obviously I only visited and admired the platform of this so famous train station and I also admired it from the outside. I took a few pictures and then set off. I had a long day and many places to reach.

This was followed by a visit to another iconic building in NYC, Top of the Rock. Here we did not limit ourselves to an outdoor visit, but we also climbed up the building to admire the city from above. I bought tickets for $ 38 per person and climbed on the platform of the building to admire Manhattan in all its splendor. Although there were certain hours of entry on the ticket, we quickly went up one floor, then we were subjected to a security check. There followed a session of mandatory photos to take, not to buy (they were a bit expensive) and then the ascent with a quick elevator. Up on the building were no less than three distinct platforms, one indoors and two outdoors from where you could admire the city 360 degrees. Obviously I saw all the famous buildings, but also their famous park. We wandered around the area for about an hour. Then we went down in front of Rockefeller Center where the famous skating rink is, but also the place where a huge Christmas tree is placed for Christmas. Obviously I took few pictures.

After the experience in the park we stopped on the steps in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we enjoyed a hot dog for only $ 1. Obviously the museum was worth a visit, but our time was very limited so we left it for next time.

Our next stop was at the famous Macy’s store located in Herald Square at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 34 th Street. This is a famous chain of stores based in Ohio, which contains about 800 stores. Macy’s in Herald Square is one of the largest and most famous stores in the world.

I must also say that on our way to Macy’s store we came across a small building where the Romanian flag was enthroned at the entrance. It was about the Romanian cultural center in NYC! We are everywhere at home!

Obviously here I took my breath away at a bar in front of a beer and let the girls explore it. Honestly, apart from the fact that it’s located in a historic building, I didn’t find anything special here. Maybe just the fact that the original wooden stairs have been preserved on the top floors. Anyway, it is an emblematic place of the city, a place to see and possibly do some shopping here.

To be continued…