Weekend Cruises From Florida

We all know that some of the most luxurious cruises available today depart from Florida to all sorts of tropical and exotic locations. However, did you know that those of us who are short on time can opt to take a cruise to nowhere? It may sound odd, but there are weekend cruises from Florida that offer 24-48 hour vacations at sea. The idea is that you get to enjoy the luxury of a cruise ship and staff while you leave all your worries and responsibilities on land. Weekend cruises take quick getaways to a whole new level. Learn about what these cruises to nowhere have to offer and consider booking one for your next mini-vacation!

Relax on a Weekend Cruise

With nothing to plan and no destination tours and activities to choose from, a weekend cruise truly lets you leave all your responsibilities behind. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy great food, dancing and a show, or a few hours relaxing in the spa. Once you’ve had a chance to rejuvenate, check out the casino on board or grab a few drinks in the club to let your guard down and meet some new people. Weekend cruises are the perfect opportunity to be social and meet some new friends. You may find singles cruises if you are looking to strike up a romance, and weekend cruises do a great job of catering to guests in each age range.

Shore Excursions

There are few weekend cruises from Florida that do offer shore excursions. If you’ve never had a chance to explore the area, you can take a city tour of Miami, or hop on a guided boat tour through the Everglades immediately after the cruise on your way back to either the Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airport. It is not common for weekend cruises to stop at any additional ports, so you may find fewer options if this is one of the features you are interested in. We recommend a simple weekend cruise for first time guests, and then longer destination cruises once you are comfortable with a cruise line and have the time and money to spend on a vacation.

How to Book a Weekend Cruise and What to Expect

There are a handful of cruise lines that offer weekend cruises from Florida, so choose a port and then search online to find the best option for you and your party. Pay close attention to departure and return times, as well as prices, cabin selection, and additional fees. You should find a list of what services are included with your ticket, and what may cost extra. Expect to pay more for formal dining and spa services, as well as any destination tours or events.

If you have a chance to visit the port before your cruise, you may have the option of taking a tour of the ship. This will give you a better idea of what to expect, and you will also see what kinds of cabins are available. Often, online pictures cannot give you a true sense of the size and atmosphere of the accommodations.

Weekend cruises run on a tight schedule, and there are a number of security measures that have to be strictly followed. For this reason, don’t expect to disembark until roughly two hours after the boat docks. Similarly, guests will be asked to return to the ship two hours before setting sail again to ensure that no one gets left behind. There are plenty of amenities and entertainment on board for you to enjoy, so this extra time on the ship should not dissuade you from booking your weekend cruise.

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